Friday, November 28, 2014
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Diving Australia Liveaboard Diving in Australia offers Ningaloo Reef & The Rowley Shoals on the West and of course The Great Barrier Reef stretching over 3000Km down the North East coastline. All are spectacular once in a lifetime opportunities not to be missed . . .

Liveaboards Our Liveaboards Section features the best liveaboard operators boats in Australia from budget to luxury. Enough choice without being confusing.

Customer Testimonials We pride ourselves on offering you a good range of Liveaboard trips at the best prices, fast! Enquire now and get your Liveaboard Trip booked quickly and easily


Featured Liveaboard

Spoilsport - Mike Ball
Spoilsport - Mike Ball
Description: Mike Ball - Spoilsport Accommodation 4 x Premium - Double with Private Bathroom and Ocean View 4 x Standard - Twin Beds with Private Bathroom and Ocean View 4 x Club - Twin Bunk Beds, Private Bathroom 2 x Budget - Bunks Beds, Shared BathroomLength - 30 m (100ft) Beam - 10.5m (35ft)     Guest Facilities Air-conditioned ...

Liveaboard Diving Bookings

specials_bannerBooking Liveaboard diving trips is easy. Simply tell us your DatesDestination and Budget and we will e-mail you within 24hrs with various options. Benefit from our: Experience, Speed, & Best Rates.


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Diving Australia - Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns. Diving Liveaboard Trips


Liveaboard Diving Holidays Australia.

Phuket LiveaboardLiveaboard Diving Australia is some of the best in the world. Here you can browse the best liveaboard vessels with a range of prices from budget to luxury. This offers you enough choice with a budget to suit all pockets without being overwhelming or confusing. If you don't have time to look at what all the different boats have to offer then tell us your dates, budget and where you wish to go and we will find something to suit you. You won't be disappointed - The only thing we can't guarantee is the weather . . .

Who are ? are a team of professionals behind a professionaly designed and managed web portal for diving information and reservations / bookings for diving in Australia. We own and run similar sites for Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines and also own and run Here you can find a wealth of information about diving in Australia. If you don't have time to research everything yourself you can simply tell us what you want to do and where you want to go and your budget and we will give you some options. . .

Why Enquire or Book Through ?

Our team have over 25 years experience of the best diving Australia has to offer. Having extensive experience in instructing as well as filming underwater we can offer you the benefit of our knowledge in options for liveaboard diving as well as give you an easy one stop shop for information. Our aim is to save your time by putting the information you need in one place simply and clearly so you can plan your diving. We give you an easy way to book your diving trip and often have offers on trips that you may not be aware of - so usually it also costs you less.

Does It Cost More Enquiring or Booking Through ?

No - Booking through is likely to cost you less. The prices are the same as offered on individual operators websites - we simply give you a full range of options in one place to make your life easy. In fact we often have special offers available through some diving operators that you would not otherwise know about - so it is very likely to cost you less !

Scuba Dive Australia - Education and Day Trips.

Dive EducationAustralia offers very affordable diving education in warm tropical water. Our quick enquiry form for courses and diving day trips allows you to book or contact many of the top dive schools in any area about their diving courses and day trips. This saves you valuable timing finding different websites and asking many dive operators the same questions. Get all your questions answered fast - usually within 24hrs . . .



Diving Insurance

It is advisable to be insured as a recreational diver. As an Instructor or Divemaster it is usually mandatory. Standard medical insurance is unlikely to cover evacuation costs or re-compression treatment in the unlikely event of an accident. We supply you with an easy way of getting diving insurance quickly on-line at very affordable rates.

Don't take the chance with policies available at such low premiums - get insured today . . .

Diving Safety

Diving is statistically a very safe sport. You are far less likely to have an accident or sustain an injury compared to many other activities. However in the unlikely event of an incident Australia has professionally operated recompression chambers as well as many excellent medical facilities.

To minimize the chances of anything untoward happening read our diving safety tips . . .